Why Local bus is better than flight

Better than the local bus. Why?
1.Wherever there is opportunity to move up into the plane. If you go to the airport you will be flying.

Meanwhile, there is no disturbance to the local bus. If you need to live in your home you will be picked up.

2.Eve sitting by the window on the bus to alocal-bus-1rrive at its destination comfortably and eating. Meanwhile, with fixed 

windows. There is no opening.

3.If you can easily place inside the bus roof. Once on the roof of the low rent. Meanwhile, even with the roof up, the plane will 
not be able to go inside the rod holding!

4.The bus became hawkers selling various things. As a result, the central library of the bus to get to market feelings. Meanwhile, the plane is not allowed to develop any hawkers. Therefore, it is absolutely futile hopes to purchase anything up.

5.You can sit in any empty seat on the bus. Sometimes it takes two or three alone can sleep. If you do not grow back seat with the desired window seat if the seat is throwing hand bag or in the newspaper. The plane will never make you a bumper advantage.


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