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Klay Thompson erupts for 60 points in Warriors’ blowout of the Pacers.

After Klay Thompson stole the show in the first half vs. the Pacers, the other members of the Golden State Warriors’ Big 4 had to get in on the act. And they might have just pulled off the NBA Play of the Year.

In the third quarter, Draymond Green threw a full-court alley-oop to Steph Curry, who caught the ball in mid-air, and — still in mid-air, mind you — threw it over his head for the alley-oop to Kevin Durant.


OAKLAND — By the time he’d achieved the profound corner, crawls before an ejecting Warriors seat, Klay Thompson’s night had effectively gone from tepid to hot to searing to atomic.


At the point when he’s singing, Thompson looks out shots. At the point when he’s atomic, everybody in the field scans them out for him, asking Thompson to take anything from anyplace. So he cut to the corner — impelled by the group — got, turned and flung an unthinkable blur from a clumsy point.


It washed through, the three most crazy of Thompson’s profession high 60 focuses, done in less than 75% of Golden State’s 142-106 victory of the Pacers on Monday night.


The fadeaway 3 came halfway during that time quarter. Thompson as of now had 27 focuses. He’d hit a 3 on the past two Warriors belonging. You were getting the early sense that one of those Thompson evenings was fermenting. So did his partners, who ascended as one, crawls from Thompson, as he turned for the profound corner 3.


As Thompson hit it, the whole Warrior sideline commended hysterically. JaVale McGee put his hands on his head suspiciously. Kevin Durant dashed around the benchmark. Stephen Curry, overpowered by the occasion, initially sprinted toward the scorer’s table and afterward withdrawn back toward the seat and sprinted profound into the Warriors burrow.


It was the fundamental snapshot of Thompson’s night. However, he was a long way from done.


Thompson was at that point at 30. Prior to the principal half was done, he had 40, turning into the primary player since Kobe Bryant in 2003 to set up 40 in the main half.


Thompson, obviously, is best known for his 3-point killing, which he showed on Monday night: 8 made 3s on 14 endeavors. Be that as it may, what turned this night from terrific to noteworthy was alternate zones of his scoring collection.


Thompson began the night with four switch layups in the initial seven minutes. He cut indirect access wonderfully, spilled out on the fastbreak superbly and piled on uncommon paint focuses. At that point later in the half, he began getting to the free toss line.